Fastening tools for non-critical joints

Jon Lawson

Ingersoll Rand, a leader in reliable and innovative power tools, has expanded its QX Series of cordless power tools for assembly markets by introducing QXN, a completely new range of cordless and easily programmed precision screwdrivers. The new range consists of pistol and angle tools designed to increase reliability, comfort and efficiency for non-critical joints applications.

The QXN is a range of easy to use with a cordless pistol and angle tools that can be fully programmed directly from the operation’s computer. These settings are monitored and controlled by a torque sensor and angle encoder to increase precision and help eliminate quality defects. This connectivity contributes to greater reliability by enabling multi-step screw-driving processes, adjusted to individual applications through a simple interface.

Furthermore, the high rotational speeds of the QXN range also contribute to the increased efficiency of assembly operations and reduce production times while the well balanced design and ergonomic grip contribute to greater operator comfort.

Complementing the existing innovative QX Series range that has already proven to be a global leader for fastening control, the Ingersoll Rand QXN Series is available in the following models and configurations:

* QXN Pistol type with torque ranges from 0,8 to 18 Nm; speed ranges from 50 to 1500 RPM.

* QXN Angle Low Torque type with torque ranges from 1 to 27 Nm; speed ranges from 33 to 1213 RPM.

QXN Angle High Torque type with torque ranges from 4 to 80Nm; speed ranges from 38 to 1045 RPM.