Fanless vision system with 4 GigEs

Paul Boughton

Modern video systems work with megapixel cameras which carry large quantities of data into the system. Naturally, this data volume requires a wide bandwidth, top processor performance as well as a high degree of security and flexibility in memory management. 

The new vision controller Nuvis-3308af from Acceed is specifically designed to meet these requirements.

An i7 third generation quad core processor from Intel works as the core of the new Box PC. The four integrated camera interfaces are designed as gigabit PoE ports, ensuring both a high bandwidth and simultaneously a power supply for the cameras without the additional installation of power supplies and cables. If needed, the PoE function can be deactivated individually for each port.

Four USB 3.0 interfaces are available for fast connection to peripheral devices. The deterministic trigger technology, for which a patent application has been filed, ensures precise trigger and stroboscope control. The patented box design for PCIe or PCI expansion cards makes the extension of the system with additional functions almost child’s play.

The robust casing with its extensive cooling chamber enables fanless operation at an ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C.

With these properties, the Nuvis-3304af combines top computer performance with equipment features that are designed to process video data without compromise, high reliability of all components and an equally compact and robust chassis with the dimensions 240 x 225 x 90mm.

Precise control of triggers and stroboscopes is critical for vision applications. The deterministic DTIO trigger technology, for which a patent application has been filed, was developed specifically for this. As opposed to commonplace insulated digital inputs and outputs, the Nuvis-3304af enables the programming of a controlled time correlation between input and output signals with a resolution of 25 microseconds. With it, a vision application can be equipped with a highly precise controller for the core components sensor input, stroboscope output and camera trigger.

In addition to the four fast USB interfaces, the patented box for PCI-e or PCI cards is also available for functional extensions. By installing specialised interface cards, the Nuvis-3304af can therefore work with analogue cameras or cameras with the IEEE 1394 (FireWire), Camera Link or CoaXPress interfaces as required.

The integration of a motion controller for an automated inspection system is a further typical example of possible expansions.

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