Eight-band spectral sensor for portable OEM devices

Paul Boughton

PIXELTEQ's PixelSensor multi-spectral photodiodes array packs eight wavelength-selective photodiodes into a 9mm square package that enables precision multi-spectral measurement in smaller devices.  

PixelSensor typically replaces 10-20 optical components - simplifying optical designs for scalable production assembly of biomedical instruments from application-specific spectroscopy to fluorescence detection.

Customised OEM versions of PixelSensor are also available with user-defined spectral bands.  

A new PixelSensor Developer Kit provides hardware and software tools that help designers get started with spectral sensing in minutes, free to experiment and configure purpose-built optical sensors.  

“Detecting targeted narrowband colours and optical wavelengths in such a small footprint is a powerful benefit for a wide range of medical devices,” states Marco Snikkers, Marketing & Sales Director at PIXELTEQ.

For more information, visit www.pixelteq.com