Diagnostic analysers for in-vacuum procedures

Louise Smyth

Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometer residual gas analysers (RGAs) ensure detailed real-time analysis of in-vacuum species and their relative partial pressures, determining pre-process vacuum quality with positive identification of vacuum-limiting species such as excessive levels of air, water vapour, hydrocarbons, cleaning solvents, process gas leakages.

The integral leak detection mode features exceptional sensitivity for helium and is user-tunable for selection of any preferred alternative search gas within the instruments mass range.

Interfacing with the process system control enables in-process compositional analysis with protective monitoring, process data such as timing of process events and temperature being directly integrated with the mass spectral data if desired.

Analysers monitor gaseous species with molecular weights up to 300amu with high sensitivity, with trace-level detection capability for minor species of less than 0.1 part per million.

The operating pressure range extends from ultra-high vacuum through to millibar levels, with pressure reduction systems available for operation at the higher pressure regimes.