Compact integrated screw/slide system

Louise Smyth

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions recently added the WGS Wide Guide Screw to its linear slide product line.

Made from the same quality components as used in the RGS Linear Rail Series, the WGS Linear Slide utilises a screw-driven carriage that offers reliable, continuous linear speed, while maintaining accurate positioning. Length and speed of the WGS are not limited by critical screw speed, allowing high RPM, linear speed and long stroke lengths.

The WGS slide has a compact profile that provides improved torsional stiffness and stability versus Haydon Kerk’s existing RGS and RGW slide products.  Stroke options of 6-in, 12-in and 18-in are available in three different leads (0.1-in, 0.5-in and 1.0-in) for 24-hour delivery at the Haydon Kerk e-commerce store.  Each WGS Slide ships with a size 17 and a size 23 motor mount.

The WGS utilises sliding plane bearings on a low-profile aluminium guide rail that keeps the motion smooth throughout the travel distance.  The lead-screw is precision made of high-quality stainless steel rolled on site at a Haydon Kerk manufacturing facility. All moving surfaces include Kerkite high-performance polymers running on a Kerkote TFE coating. The slides come with wear-compensating, anti-backlash driven carriages. Additional driven or passive carriages can be added, along with application-specific customissation. Linear guides without the drive screw also are available.

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