Commercial fermentation

Louise Smyth

As of September 2016, Ductor has reached its goal of implementing its first commercial fermentation technology in Germany.

The first implementation will be an application for the biogas producer to improve the economics of a biogas plant by replacing the expensive maize silage with inexpensive poultry manure. The biogas plant is now using Ductor ammonia removal fermentation technology.

Ductor’s technology harnesses the power of underutilised biomass with high nitrogen content such as poultry manure.

“With this technology, we are now solving the biggest problem for the biogas economy: high operating expense coming from expensive feedstock and the disposal cost of digest, ”says Ari Ketola, the firm’s CEO.

Ductor fermentation technology extracts nitrogen at an early stage and prior to the biogas production process. It also simultaneously creates commercial by-products – ammonia or ammonium sulphate. Consequently, this process offers considerable improvements to cost-effective biogas production.

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