Cam clutch provides integral backstop for dual or tandem drives

Jon Lawson

Tsubaki has introduced a new cam clutch backstop with torque limiter, designed to provide an effective integral backstop in demanding applications, such as inclined conveyors, where there are multiple drives and the risk of unbalanced loads.

The  BR-HT TL series torque limiter model offers a solution, providing a combination of a centrifugal lift-off cam clutch and a coil spring torque limiter function, ensuring safety against potential unbalanced loading on each drive.

The lift off function of the cam clutch eliminates physical contact when the clutch is overrunning and so improves on the design of conventional backstops and results in considerable improved service life.

Also, the BR-HT provides lift-off at a lower speed than other designs, making it perfect for the intermediate shaft of a gear reducer.

Further, the unique non-roller cam design provides a more reliable backstop in applications where there is excessive torque.

The new torque limiter backstop is suited to multiple drive inclined conveyors. It offers an effective solution where there is the possibility of an unbalanced load on each of the backstops in the multiple drives due to potential backlash in gear trains and couplings, or where motor stall due to an abnormal load could lead to a sudden increase in the tension of the conveyor’s belt resulting in a back driving force on the conveyor drives.

Also available is the BR-HT TR tension release model providing additional benefits where its release mechanism can override the torque limiter function and can be used to release belt tension after a jam in a safe controlled manor, or where allowing the belt to move safely backwards is vital for quick and simple maintenance.

The BR-HT TL torque limiter cam clutch backstop is available in 12 models for slipping torques up to 103 kNm, and for maximum speeds to 3,600 rev/min depending on model size. Maximum bore size 300mm.

The BR-HT TR tension release cam clutch backstop is available in 10 models for slipping torques up to 54.60 kNm, and for maximum speeds to 3,600 rev/min depending on model size. Maximum bore size 240mm.

The BR-HT TL and TR cam clutch backstops are the latest addition to a comprehensive range of cam clutch freewheels for overrunning, indexing and backstopping duties. Further, where a standard catalogue model cannot meet the needs of the application, Tsubaki also offers a custom design service which can be tailored to a bespoke design for individual customer requirements.

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