I/O modules have built-in intelligence

Paul Boughton

Festo is launching two new series of intelligent analogue I/O modules that provide machine builders with what is claimed to be unprecedented placement and control flexibility.

Intended for use with the company's renowned CPX terminal controller, the modules have four independent channels - each backed by comprehensive fieldbus-based remote diagnostic capabilities - making them especially cost-effective for applications involving a large number of analogue channels or temperature sensors.

The new series includes two types of I/O modules, one for temperature sensing and the other for signal detection. The CPX-4AE-T modules are designed for use with standard RTD (resistance temperature detector) temperature sensors and resistance thermometers, and encompass a wide measurement range of -200 to +850 degrees C.

Each measurement channel offers 16-bit resolution and is suitable for use with a broad range of sensors, including PT standard and climatic and NI standard. The modules can be digitally programmed with a variety of parameters, including data format, limit values, scaling, temperature sensor attributes and power supply overload behaviour.

The new CPX-4AE-I signal detection modules offer 12-bit resolution and are designed for use with standard 4-20 mA sensors for measuring pressure, vacuum, flow rate and distance. They feature integral LEDs for simple, visual diagnosis of individual channel or module faults. Programmable attributes include data format, limit values and scaling.

Both series of modules can employ low-cost 2-, 3- or 4-core cabling and offer a wide range of connection options, including M12 5-pin, cage clamp (open connections) and sub-D type. Installation, commissioning and replacement can be performed very quickly and easily, without disturbing adjacent wiring.

Festo's new analogue I/O modules are designed for use with the company's CPX terminal controller, which is a modular, high-functionality hub with an Ethernet interface and extensive fieldbus protocol support; an innovative handheld terminal is also available to facilitate powerful local diagnostics if required. The analogue I/O modules form part of a comprehensive range of fully compatible control products, all of which offer a high degree of environmental protection and are suitable for mounting on or near equipment, without the need for a cabinet. Other CPX modules within the range include PNP and NPN digital input units, M12 and M8 connection blocks, and two types of position transducers for use with pneumatic actuators.

For more information, visit www.festo.com


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