Time and cost benefits with complete piping solution

Paul Boughton
Thomas Rüdiger and Frank Wiele outline the benefits of welding-free flange connectors.

The development of hydraulics is nowadays characterised by increasing system pressures and safety requirements, continuing pressure to make savings in installation, maintenance and operating expenses and the demand for compact and space-saving equipment.

Against this background, for the design of hydraulic systems Parker Hannifin now offers with its Piping Solutions Programme welding-free flange connectors; it offers the user substantial savings potential along with a service and advisory package.

The Parflange F37 system is used for pipes with an external diameter of 16mm to 273mm (1/2 inch to 10 inch flange). It is suitable for pipe wall thinckness of up to 9mm and pressure upto 420 bar.

The special orbital flaring process is very convincing when compared with conventional welding because of its significantly fewer work operations. The system is based on tried and trusted Parflange technology, producing a high strength flared connection having a rolled, consolidated pipe end surface. It positively locks the pipes together.[Page Break]

The stress corrosion cracking caused by welding cannot occur, which of course increases the service life of the piping system. Since there is no external heat supply, Parflange technology saves energy. There is no requirement for degreasers or anti-corrosion agents, or for subsequent pipe cleaning. Re-galvanising is not required when galvanised pipes are being used because the zinc layer is not affected by flaring. No noxious gases are created either during flaring or assembly and there is no risk of fire or explosion. This means that deployment in locations with high safety requirements, eg offshore platforms, is perfectly possible. The Parflange ECO 170 is part of the Parflange F37 system and produces fold-free, absolutely smooth flares on site. The remarkably short cycle time - totalling only one to two minutes for the complete machining operation, depending on the pipe characteristics - makes the substantial productivity gain compared with welded line systems very clear.[Page Break]

Whether for original build or the modernisation of existing equipment - besides trusted mature technology, Parker Hannifin with its Piping Solutions Programme offers customers all-round support from the very first advisory discussion through to design, pre-assembly, supply and installation of the pipe and flange components.

One and the same Parker support person is responsible for the correct execution of each individual stage. For the customer, this means faster operation of the complete project.

Also, the user can relieve his own team of the project work and use such free capacity for other tasks.

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Thomas Rüdiger and Frank Wiele are with Parker Hannifin Manufacturing Germany GmbH & Co KG - Sitz, Bielefeld, Germany. www.parker.com

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