Improvements for positioning subsea vehicles

Paul Boughton
Norwegian survey and positioning specialists, iSURVEY Group AS, has chosen to invest in a SPRINT (Subsea Precision Reference Inertial Navigation Technology) system from Sonardyne International to support its ROV surveys and deep water marine construction activities.

The purchase follows trials of the system in the North Sea during which SPRINT was subjected to a detailed technical appraisal and was shown to deliver immediate cost savings and major operational benefits.

iSURVEY will be using SPRINT to support a wide variety of multi-beam seabed surveys using deep-rated ROVs. The system has been developed by Sonardyne to exploit the long term accuracy and precision characteristics of acoustic positioning techniques with the continuous availability and fast update rate of state-of-the-art inertial navigation sensors.

SPRINT’s integrated solution offers considerable improvements for positioning subsea vehicles, both in terms of precision and reliability as the system can continue to provide a reliable out when acoustic techniques become marginal due to sea state, water depth or operating range.

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