Handheld for balancing, conformance checking, spindle assessment

Paul Boughton
SKF has again extended the functionality and performance of its SKF Microlog family of portable vibration monitoring and data collection instruments, with the launch of new products and measurement modules. This effectively creates an integrated product family offering engineers a complete range of tools for measuring and analysing vibration on all types of machinery with rotary or reciprocating motion.
New to the SKF Microlog family is the handheld Advisor Pro, which is available in application specific modules for balancing, conformance checking, spindle assessment, bump testing and FFT analysing. Designed for use by motor and pump rebuilders, spindle repairers and OEMs, the Advisor Pro modules are easy to use and offer real time display of operating conditions, enabling engineers to setup and check equipment quickly and simply.
Also available are the GX and AX data collectors and FFT analysers. These are modular in design, are available in five models, ranging from single to four channel, and are field upgradable. This makes it easy for end users to adapt each instrument as the needs of their organisations change; for example, the GX-R single channel unit can simply be upgraded to a GX-M specification to add an additional two measurement channels with functionality for off-route data analysis and multi-plane balancing.
The AX range of portable route-based instruments feature large area VGA touch screens and offer simultaneous tri-axial and four channel measurements for fast data collection. Other features include 80kHz Fmax measurements, 25,600 single channel FFT data collection and a separate trigger input.
Finally, for vibration data collection and analysis in hazardous environments, the latest SKF Microlog CMXA 51-IS can be used in ATEX Zone 0 areas, and incorporates a monochrome LCD touch screen, single channel, singe route analyser with a low power 66MHz processor.
The SKF Microlog family of products simplifies onsite data collection and analyses processes, and includes both non-route and route-based instruments. Supported by the powerful SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite and reliability software applications, the SKF Microlog series allows engineers to carry out detailed analyses of the data collected in the field, and to produce comprehensive reports quickly and easily.
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