Power supplies start and run at -40 degrees C

Paul Boughton
Puls UK is launching two new Miniline 60W power supplies that are available in both standard and low-temperature versions. As with other Puls power supplies, the ML60 units have been tested at temperatures of up to +60 degrees C but, what makes the new low- temperature model outstanding, is its ability to start and deliver full power from -40 degrees C, giving an overall operating range of 100 degrees C.
According to Puls, although there are several manufacturers claiming that their power supplies will operate at temperatures of around -25 degrees C, the problem is they cannot start at those temperatures. As most power supplies use satiable resistors to control the inrush current, as temperatures drop the resistance increases and can reach a level where no current can flow - which prevents the device from running.
Puls says it has developed special circuitry that both limits inrush current and obviates the need to use satiable resistors, thereby enabling the units to operate in extreme conditions. Similar technology has been incorporated in Puls power supplies used at the Neumaver Station III research base in Antarctica to power outdoor monitoring equipment, including sunshine detectors and wind measurement devices.
Harry Moore, managing director of Puls, comments: "The harsh environment market is one that we are very keen to develop, because we know our technology has so many advantages over our competitors. The new ML60 offers a solution to powering equipment in the most severe weather conditions - it is an off-the-shelf product – and, along with our new range of Atex-approved power supplies, it is available now."
Puls says it will be extending its range of low-temperature power supplies in the near future.
For more information, visit www.puls.co.uk