Hydraulic-class electric cylinders

Paul Boughton
Following the launch of Rockwell Automation's MPAR pneumatic-class cylinders, the company has announced the first variants in the MPAI range, the new hydraulic-class electric cylinders.

The new MPAI range offers a number of benefits including high energy efficiency, greater flexibility, high speeds and, due to being a true servo system, multiple-position capability; all without the cleanliness and contamination issues that can be present in hydraulic systems.

Initially rated up to 14.5kN, users get an impressive array of choices to help choose the best cylinder for their application. 230 and 460VAC versions are available as is a choice of screw technologies; with ball nuts offering positional accuracy and repeatability and the soon-to-be-available roller nuts, which provide the highest thrust and life ratings available.

Rated to IP67, the MPAI's smooth body design eliminates potential contaminant collection points and Rotatable DIN (SpeedTec) Connectors give users a variety of wiring options and can be used with standard Allen-Bradley motor power and feedback cables. Full setup and programming support using Allen-Bradley Logix Controller platforms. RSLogix 5000 and Ultraware software makes setup and commissioning fast and easy.

Internally, they exhibit high-thrust bearings, a high-resolution, a multi-turn absolute feedback encoder and a Melonite Treated Thrust Tube, which supports extremely high force capabilities while exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance and good resistance to the adherence of weld slag, water and other potential contaminants. Accessory attachments include spherical rod eye, Clevis and an anti-rotate unit; while mounting options include a front flange kit, front trunnion, rear clevis kits and a bottom base mounting kit.

For more information, www.rockwell.com

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