High-reliability connector now with fibre-optic contacts

Paul Boughton
Harwin is offering users the ability to include high-performance fibre-optic contacts within its Datamate high-reliability connector family. Until now, Datamate has been able to handle signal, power and coax contacts - but the new Datamate EBO-TEK connector is offered with two EBOSATM contacts, two power and four signal contacts, with range extensions coming soon. Connectors are available in a novel mother/daughter board arrangement and a cable variant.
The Datamate EBO-TEK optical system is extremely high-endurance and requires zero contact pressure to mate the optical contacts. The rear removable optical inserts are non-rotating and designed to ensure minimum insertion losses and optical stability. In addition, the contacts are compact, self-aligning and facilitate simple mating; they also feature a new design that greatly reduces sensitivity to particulate contamination, vibration and temperature changes. Users will appreciate that minimal cleaning is required without impacting performance, and the Datamate EBO-Tek system does not require thorough inspection before mating - which has traditionally been a barrier to optical systems being used in this type of application.
Paul Gillan, the product manager, comments: "After careful evaluation, we have chosen what we believe to be a superior fibre-optic contact technology which matches the requirements of our Datamate customers, who use our 2mm pitch cable-to-cable, cable-to-board and board-to-board connector family because of its high reliability under extremes of temperature, shock and vibration. As well as being a high-performance contact, the Datamate EBO-Tek optical fibre system is miniature and easy to use."
For more information, visit www.harwn.co.uk

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