Film protects car bodies from external damage

Paul Boughton

Novacel of France, a specialist in surface protection, has launched Novaguard 9275 – a high-performance 60µm white film, which is designed to protect car bodies from external damage, such as acid rain, bird droppings or scratches.
Novaguard 9275 offers nine months of exterior weather resistance, and can be used anywhere in the world, whatever the weather conditions. The film protects car bodies from damage, from assembly through to transport and storage. Novaguard 9275 is available in rolls of 200m, in widths ranging from 30mm to 2,500mm.
Novaguard  9275 is made from a polyolefin-based film and a solvent-free adhesive. All the packaging materials and cores that are used in connection with Novaguard 9275 can be recycled, with optimised packaging of the rolls reducing the recycling costs.
Novaguard 9275 offers cost-effective surface protection. The film has a strong initial tack, which enables immediate shipment of cars. It can be laid easily on different types of clearcoat and there is no peeling of the film during transport. There is full operator and applicator support with customised application tools.
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