Cutting time on tomato paste transfer

Paul Boughton

During the recent PPMA exhibition, Kecol was approached by a large food manufacturing organisation that was experiencing problems with the transfer of triple concentrate tomato paste (36/38 Brix).

Following the exhibition, Kecol visited the client's site to evaluate the application. The client's existing system was taking too long to transfer the tomato paste, in excess of 15 minutes per 240kg drum. Due to Kecol's vast experience of transferring viscous materials, particularly tomato paste, we were convinced we could help.

Following on site discussions with the client Kecol supplied a system on a loan basis to enable the client to evaluate the proposed system and to prove its capability. The system was a stainless steel construction Maxiprime unit with a stainless steel pump and polished air motor. After two weeks the customer reported complete satisfaction with the equipment, having achieved a time of 2.5 minutes to transfer a 240kg drum of paste.

The client also reported a reduction in product waste, which was due to the Kecol follower plate system. As well as giving a positive prime to the pump and preventing contamination of the tomato paste, the follower plate system also wipes the inside of the drum or, as in this case, the aseptic bag. Further discussions resulted in Kecol proposing a clamp construction pump unit to enable shorter cleaning times.

Kecol has received an order for two systems with further orders expected in the near future for the client's second site.

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Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd is based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK.

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