Simatic controller for safety and standard control functions

Paul Boughton

A new Simatic CPU 317TF-2DP controller from the Siemens Industry Automation Division implements motion control, safety and standard automation tasks in one device. The controller utilises PLCopen-compatible motion control blocks and is particularly suitable for coupled motion sequences of multiple axes. Potential applications range from controlled single-axis positioning to complex, synchronised sequences of motion - for example, geared synchronous motion, curve synchronisation or print mark correction. The synchronous axes can be coupled to a virtual master or a real master. For safety-oriented applications, the controller fulfils the high safety requirements according to the relevant standards EN 954-1 up to Category 4, IEC 62061 up to SIL 3, and EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.
For all functions the S7-Technology Step 7 option package is available for engineering purposes for programming and commissioning. It permits simultaneous processing of up to 64 technology objects. For fail-safe applications, the Distributed Safety Step 7 option package offers pre-configured, TUV-certified library blocks - for example, for emergency stop, two-hand control, muting and guard monitoring. No external safety hardware is required for costly safety precautions at the machine, so less space is required in the control cabinet. Centralised and distributed fail-safe I/O and fail-safe drives using Profisafe, the fail-safe communication protocol, can be connected to the Simatic CPU 317TF-2DP. The drive safety functions SBC, SLS, SSM, SOS, SS1, SS2, and STO according to Profisafe can be used in addition to the familiar safety functions. Compared to conventional technology, the use of Profisafe technology results in reduced wiring overhead, reduces the risk of errors when wiring, and increases flexibility during commissioning.
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