Photovoltaic metallisation solution optimises solar cell manufacturing

Paul Boughton
DEK Solar will be bringing its newly-introduced PV3000 metallisation line to this year’s AsiaSolar Energy Photovoltaic Exhibition and Forum, being held at Shanghai Mart from 30th March – 1st April.

In addition to providing an opportunity for visitors to see the line in action, the exhibition will also enable attendees to find out more about the company’s innovative approach to service and support.

Being demonstrated at the show, DEK’s PV3000 photovoltaic metallisation solution optimises solar cell manufacturing productivity by deploying multiple print heads in parallel.

Delivering six-sigma repeatability for capability in advance of current solar cell requirements, the platform’s accuracy and repeatability is suitable for demanding technologies, achieving print-on-print capability (PoP) - +/- 12.5 microns at 2 Cpk.

Suitable for solar manufacturers seeking to enhance cell efficiency and drive down cost-per-watt, print-on-print is designed to give finer grid lines more height, printing the lines twice over or more to increase the conductor’s cross-sectional area and enhance current-carrying capacity without shadowing the underlying silicon substrate.

Since repeatable accuracy is the key enabler in this process, the PV3000 is an solution for progressive processes such as print-on-print. The DEK Solar team will also be introducing AsiaSolar Energy Photovoltaic Forum visitors to its extensive range of precision screens and stencils – extending its support for advanced processes even further. Precision screens on show include variants with a base layer print for frontside grids, a second layer print designed to boost conductivity and a pioneering new hybrid solar screen. DEK will also be demonstrating its new high durability Double Layer Platinum stencil at the show, featuring a high aspect ratio for fine line prints.

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