Code-reader is configured via web server

Paul Boughton

Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching a new Simatic MV420 stationary 1D/2D code reading system that is characterised by high reading reliability, a compact design and a wide range of communications and connection options. The compact device with IP67 protection can read both standard high-contrast codes as well as DPM (direct part marking) codes, even under difficult ambient conditions. Typical uses include product tracking and process control applications in the automotive, packaging, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, electronics, and food and beverage industries. In addition, the new reading system is also suitable for shipment tracking in logistics and distribution.
The Simatic MV420 1D/2D code reading system with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels has an integrated M12 lens and supports operating distances from 1 to 22.5cm (the operating distance is adjustable using an integrated focus). In addition to its integrated lighting, an external lighting unit may also be connected. The Simatic MV420 processes up to 40 codes per second. Using multi-code reading, several codes and even different code types can be decoded from a single image. This is advantageous, for example, when bulk-reading several stacked items.
A special feature is the auto-trigger image recording mode. This enables the code reader to record images continuously at high speed while simultaneously evaluating them. The reader recognises the relevant codes in a sequence of any duration without requiring external trigger signals, such as those from a light barrier. This feature is particularly suitable for slow-moving objects and in applications where precise triggering using a light barrier would be difficult.
The Simatic MV420 features integrated Profinet IO, Industrial Ethernet, and RS232 interfaces. A communications module is used to connect to Profibus DP, which also allows mixed operation with RFID (radio frequency identification) systems. It is controlled by the same function block in the Step7 program.
Simatic MV420 code reading systems are parameterised and commissioned using a built-in Web server. To do this, a PC or programming device with Internet Explorer is used; no additional software is required. For most applications, the parameters are automatically preset. The Web-based user interface provides extensive operator control and monitoring functions, even in evaluation mode. In addition, HMI (human-machine interface) devices can display the image information. Application-specific user interfaces are created using visualisation software such as Simatic WinCC or WinCC flexible. Numerous diagnostics, logging and evaluation functions are also available. For example, time stamps, error patterns and result values can be archived in database systems to create trend analyses or statistics.
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