Rupture discs: videos clarify installation process

Paul Boughton

Pressure management specialist Elfab has become the first member of the rupture disc industry to offer installation videos to its customers.

The three-minute films detail the entire rupture disc installation process, from removing the old disc, through handling and fitting its replacement, to finally correctly tightening the pipework. Separate films have been made for Elfab’s forward- and reverse-acting rupture disc ranges, while a third covers the company’s graphite rupture disc, Universal Arma-Gard.

Elfab is keen to underline the importance of its products being correctly installed. It is vital that, as safety devices, they are fitted carefully and as advised by the manufacturer. If rupture discs are damaged, misaligned or wrongly fitted, they risk operating incorrectly, with potentially serious consequences for the organisations concerned. 

The films have been created to support Elfab’s paper installation guides. Elfab operates a sustainable environmental policy and is keen to eliminate paper waste. The launch of the installation videos is helping both the company and its customers to reduce their paper consumption.

The installation films coincide with the launch of the company’s new rupture disc installation tool Test-Tel, which also seeks to ensure ease and accuracy during the rupture disc installation process.

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