Temperature sensors cost less than competitors

Paul Boughton
Micro-Epsilon is releasing the Thermometer CT laser range of infrared non-contact temperature sensors for measuring the temperature of metals, ceramics, composites and secondary metal processing application, from 50 to 1800 degrees C.

The Micro-Epsilon Thermometer CT laser M3 is an infrared, inline (fixed) temperature sensor that measures at a short wavelength of 2.3um for all temperature measurements between 50 and 600 degrees C. This sensor is claimed to have the lowest unit price of any 2-3um wavelength sensor currently in the marketplace - typically 60 per cent of the cost of alternatives, according to the company.

With a start temperature of 50 degrees C, the Thermometer CT laser M3 fulfils the demands of end users who need to measure the temperature of metals, ceramics and composites, while processing at room temperature. The short wavelength also enables measurements to be taken through glass or transparent plastic windows, which is commonly required in laser welding or lighting systems.

The sensor's precision double laser sighting, in combination with excellent optical resolution (100:1), minimum spot size (0.7mm), and favourable price/performance ratio, results in a sensor that is suitable for measuring in the metal processing and metal components industries at temperatures up to 600 degrees C.

A double laser sighting system precisely follows the infrared optical path, marking at any distance the real spot size. Most common pyrometers use a central laser beam, through-lens sighting system or video sighting system that simply marks the centre and estimates the spot size. Fast signal processing and quantum detector enable fast response times of just 1ms.

For higher process temperatures from 250 up to 1800 degrees C, Micro-Epsilon's new Thermometer CT laser M1/M2 temperature sensors can be used to measure the temperature of metals, ceramics and composites. Like the M3, the M1/M2 sensors have double-precision laser sighting, but benefit from a 300:1 optical resolution and a minimum spot size of 0.45mm. Sensor response times are from 1ms.

Thermometer CT laser M1/M2 devices can be used in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees C without any cooling and have an automatic laser switch off at 50 degrees C. The sensor measures at very short wavelengths (1.0-1.6um), which minimises temperature measurement errors on surfaces with either low or unknown emissivity.

A range of accessories and optional extras is available for the CT laser range to protect the sensors in harsh operating environments. These include air purging accessories, K or J type thermocouples outputs and a range of integrated digital communications interfaces, such as Profibus DP, Canopen, USB, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.

For more information, visit www.micro-epsilon.co.uk