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Paul Boughton
Wonderware United Kingdom has released Performance Software 3.5, the newest evolution of its equipment downtime and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software, and an integrated module of the Wonderware comprehensive MES and supervisory software solution.
Performance Software 3.5 features an ArchestrA technology-based configuration and visualisation, providing a solution that is easy to set up for a single line, but capable enough to support enterprise-level asset performance strategies. 

The software is suitable for manufacturers that require a comprehensive equipment downtime and efficiency tracking solution that can be easily deployed across multiple plants.

Performance Software 3.5 is more than a point solution for downtime and OEE tracking.  It is part of a unified supervisory and manufacturing execution system (MES solution that can evolve as a customer’s MES requirements grow, saving development costs and simplifying the number of applications that plant IT needs to service and maintain over the long term.

“When Cimnet was acquired, a key part of the strategy was to integrate the Cimnet Factelligence MES functionality with the Wonderware System Platform to unlock ArchestrA’s scalability and extensibility benefits to customers needing to monitor equipment downtime and OEE,” said Jim Frider, marketing manager for Wonderware.  “This has now been accomplished with Performance Software 3.5. As part of this release, Wonderware also is providing software migration tools and commercial upgrade paths to customers who have utilised previous Wonderware OEE offerings such as DT Analyst and Equipment Performance Module.”

As part of Performance Software 3.5, Wonderware includes a new Utilisation Capability Object which leverages the scalability and extensibility of the Wonderware System Platform. Complete equipment monitoring strategies can be configured using this application object, which can then be rapidly deployed in multiple instances for new applications. Monitoring strategies can be easily standardised to enable effective line comparisons. 

In addition, system development costs are minimised due to significant reuse of applications engineering.

In addition, new ArchestrA graphic templates developed for downtime, OEE and production help reduce system development and enable complete customisation of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) graphic displays within the InTouch 10.0 HMI (human-machine interface) environment. These ArchestrA graphics can be easily deployed to existing InTouch 10.0 applications, allowing expanded visibility into real-time equipment performance.
Enhanced .NET controls also are built into Performance Software 3.5 to provide operators with a fully interactive display capability. Using these controls, operators can gain insight into real-time equipment performance and provide structured feedback concerning specific equipment events, enhancing the value of the system and increasing operator knowledge. In addition, extensive data filtering capabilities help ensure that operators are only seeing the information they need to drive improved asset utilisation.

Timely reporting of equipment downtime and efficiency performance is accomplished using the Wonderware Information Server component of the Wonderware System Platform.  The Information Server software provides Web-based reporting and data visualisation and extends the development of report templates based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services. This functionality saves time when creating and distributing equipment performance reports.

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