Dynamic modelling 3D CAD available for free

Paul Boughton

Cocreate Software is launching what it claims is the world's first free dynamic modelling based 3D CAD software, Cocreate Onespace Modelling Personal Edition (PE).

Onespace Modelling PE is a freely available download offering all the power of Cocreate's enterprise Onespace Modelling 3D CAD system for assemblies consisting of up to 60 parts.

This version enables any engineer, designer or student to experience the extraordinary power of a dynamic modelling approach to 3D product development, the cornerstone of the Cocreate Onespace Suite. And the company says that even the most casual user or hobbyist will be immediately productive through a full set of self-paced tutorials, quickstart projects, online help and user forums.

Key benefits available in this release include: easily import and edit standard 2D and 3D file formats; radically transform existing designs from nearly any source to satisfy new market requirements, while shaving weeks to months off development timelines; respond to unexpected or changing requirements more easily, more frequently and much later in the development process through a history-free approach; discover an 'easier to learn and use' 3D CAD system that combines 2D's ease of use with the inherent benefits and power of 3D; and a claimed 100 per cent faster product development through empowered design teams, lean product development methodologies and the Cocreate platform.

Onespace Modelling PE brings dynamic modelling to engineers and designers worldwide, giving them choice and liberation from the overhead and complexity of history-based modelling.

William M Gascoigne, Cocreate CEO, comments: Customers tell us that Cocreate gives them extreme speedflexibility and responsiveness to change in 3D product development. These traits come from a dynamic modelling based approach. Onespace Modelling PE ends the industry's status quo and lets the 3D CAD users see that there is a fork in the road for 3D product development tools."

For companies and individuals wanting morethe Cocreate platform is easy to expand. All 2D drawings and 3D models created within Onespace Modelling PE can be unlocked and carried over to Cocreate's full production environment. Subscription licensing (rent versus own) and a 15-minutesix-button click deployment model for Cocreate's powerful data management are just two examples of how easy it is to adopt the Cocreate platform. More importantlyCocreate's dynamic modelling based interoperability strengths means there is no switching cost in moving to the Cocreate platform.

But if you want to take advantage of the free downloadyou must do so before 31 March 2007.

Cocreate Onespace Modelling Personal Edition


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