Load cell complies with EHEDG

Paul Boughton

With its new PR 6202 hygienic load cell, Sartorius is presenting what is claimed to be the first load cell that is designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).

In the development of load cells, mounting kits and the associated electronics, work until now been very clearly focused on meeting the technical specifications. However, when load cells began to be used in environments demanding a high level of hygiene, developers faced a new challenge.

Although load cells do not come into contact with products in automatic mixing and batching equipment, their 'clean' design is essential to counter creeping contamination and the resultant spreading of germs.

Three years of intensive research and development and 50 years of experience in industrial weighing have been invested in the new load cell. In order to meet the requirements of the EHEDG, it was necessary to consider cleanability in the physical design of the equipment and its component parts.

This has been achieved in the new product family, which not only complies with contemporary standards and regulations, but also considers current trends and future developments with regard to hygienic design.

The PR 6202 Hygienic Load Cell is hermetically sealed and - as the first product for tank and hopper scales - meets the most stringent demands for hygiene, due both to its physical design features and the selection of particularly high quality materials. It is made of stainless steel, hermetically welded and available in the following load ranges: 1t, 2t, 4t, 6t, 10t, 25t and 50t.

There are virtually no horizontal surfaces and no gaps, it is watertight to IP68 (10,000 hours, 1.5m) and water-jet proof to IP69K. It can also be used over a wide temperature range.

The entire development process of the PR 6202 was carried out and documented in accordance with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (GMP). This has considerably simplified subsequent installation and the qualification and validation necessary in biotechnology and pharmaceutical plants.

The Sartorius hygienic load cell, type PR 6202, received the iF Product Design Award for 2006 from the International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany. The criteria for the conferment of the iF Award, alongside excellent design, also include processing, material selection, ergonomics, environmental compatibility, durability, functionality and the degree of innovation of the products presented.

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