Telemetry for 'explosion protected zone'

Paul Boughton

Manner Sensortelemetrie has developed a sensor telemetry system especially for 'explosion protected zone' applications to acquire process data from rotating parts.

Online data acquisition of viscosity (on the basis of torque and rotational speed measurement) for chemical reactions is possible; other applications include in situ temperature acquisition in mixer or rotary kilns.

The system can be applied retrospectively an existing installations. Sensors for temperature (eg RTD), viscosity (eg strain gauge) or others for chemical reactions can be used as inputs to the sensor signal amplifier. In addition to the monitoring application it is possible to integrate the sensor data into a control system. Therefore an oven temperature control system can be integrated with an online viscosity data acquisition system, for example.

Each complete system consists of an amplifier module at the rotor, a pick-up and an evaluation unit. The distance between the process and the evaluation unit can be up to 100m. The amplifier and the sensors are mounted on the rotating part with the electronics integrated into an induction loop which is formed as a split ring for easy-mounting.

The output signal is 0(4) to 20mA or 0 to ±10 V.

With the Manner patented sensor telemetry technique there is no battery on the rotating part and the power and signal transmission are contactless. The system is absolutely maintenance-free and is powered with 24V DC or 230V AC to the evaluation unit. The explosion protection range is up to ATEX Exib IIC T4.

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