Real time data management at heart of drilling and production

Paul Boughton

A leading global provider of IP-based voicedata and video managed services to the oil and gas industry has teamed up with an independent single source supplier of components to design and build real-time collaboration and decision environments for both drilling and production.

The result of this is a global licensing agreement between RigNet and Sense Intellifield for the former to marketsell and support the SiteCom suite of real-time data management products.

This makes the real-time data management servicebased on the wellsite information transfer standard markup language (WITSML)immediately available to over 120 offshore rigs where RigNet is currently providing communication and network services.

Borge Kolstadpresident and ceo of Sense Intellifieldsaid: “Making SiteCom immediately available to a large portion of the global offshore rig fleet is a major step in moving the industry toward the efficient use of standards for company-to-company and application-to-application data transfer. Typicallya professional working with real-time data spends over half of his time manipulating and managing data. Through the use of standards and tools such as SiteComnearly all of these tasks can be automated. This automation results in a staggering increase in efficiency.”

The SiteCom real-time data management service runs on the backbone of RigNet’s highly successful data communication services. The SiteCom suite of products will allow RigNet customers the ability to gatherdistributeand manage all data on the rig in real-time.

Both RigNet’s communications services and Sense Intellifield’s real-time data management products focus on enhancing communications between multiple well sites and end-user client systems and applications. Sense Intellifield will also provide data format conversion tools to allow any vendor that is not yet WITSML compliant the ability to immediately take advantage of this infrastructure.

Omar Kulbrandstadceo of RigNetadded: “SiteCom is the recognised standard in the industry for real-time data management based on WITSML. Our agreement with Sense Intellifield allows us to be the only independent single-source solution that links multiple drilling rigs with real-time onshore decision centres and applications. Our services now include the complete communications package of voicevideonetworkingand real-time data management. These services are available to link any data source offshore with any client system onshore through the standard WITSML format.”

RigNet has also signed a managed services agreement with Premium Drilling to provide voice and data communications on its fleet of 15 ultra-premium offshore drilling units. RigNet will also provide managed communication services for Premium Drilling’s offices in Singapore and Houston.

Under this dealRigNet will provide completemanaged communication services for Premium Drilling’s rigs to include voice and broadband data communicationsas well as 24x7 remote network monitoring and local field support in key oilfield locations around the world. Structured cabling and wireless connectivity will be installed to provide full network coverage on the rigs.

Operators and service companies will be able to use RigNet’s pre-installed communication services in a plug-and-play mannerallowing them to easily and securely connect to their corporate network the moment they arrive on the rig.

RigNet’s solution was designed with the most stringent security requirements in mind. With RigNetthe cost and complexity of having to commission and decommission separate communications systems for operators and service companies are eliminated.

And in a third new dealthe company has renewed its contract with ENSCO Offshore Company to provide voice and high-speed data services to ENSCO's fleet-wide drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. As part of this renewalRigNet will now be the sole communications provider for ENSCO’s Gulf of Mexico fleetreplacing Caprock Communications who had provided satellite communications.

“By signing of this renewalENSCO will continue to receive the high quality RigNet service for its Gulf of Mexico fleet of rigs” said Kulbrandstad. “Not only does this demonstrate ENSCO’s confidence in RigNet as a quality service providerbut it also improves our position in the marketplace as a long term player. By having RigNet installed on more rigswe have a more direct path to better serve the oil and gas industry globally. This advantage will ultimately accelerate our company’s growth.”

As part of the agreement with ENSCOthe RigNet communications solution will continue to be available on each of ENSCO’s 19 rigs operating in this region. This solution provides operators with plug-and-play capabilities for communication between offshore and land-based operations. Data transfer is done in a flexible and secure environment with on-demand capabilities that do not require additional customer investment.

“Reliable voice and data transfer is critical to meeting our operational needs offshore” said Rob Jetermanager of voice and data communications for ENSCO. “We prefer to standardise with RigNet because of their proven track record with ENSCO in other parts of the world. RigNet has impressed us with their high quality solution and professional level of service.”

RigNet is currently available on ENSCO’s offshore rigs in the Gulf of MexicoAsia PacificNorth Sea and the Middle East.


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