Single-port PoE solution

Paul Boughton

ThePowerSupplyShop.Co.UK announce the introduction of the PW130 power over Ethernet adapter from Ault.

The PW130 is a single-port PoE (Power over Ethernet) solution providing simple and fast integration of power and data over a single Ethernet cable. Two output power versions are available with either 15.4W or 20W outputs and offer either EC320 w/ground (C14) or shaver (C8) input receptacles.

The standard solution, PW130RA4800F/N01 allows data to pass over un-used pairs of existing Ethernet CAT-5 network cablings, to and from servers and workstations. Provides a simple method to provide DC Power over the Ethernet connection and freedom to locate a power supply at the end of the LAN cable (added flexibility and convenience for customer).

The ‘intelligent’ model PW130RB4800F/N01 PoE adapter fully meets the 802.3AF standard and includes ‘intelligence’ for power transmission on a network cable ensuring the power supply will only turn on if the proper equipment is connected.

Input voltage is universal, 100 to 250Vac with low ripple, regulated dc output and internal fuse protection is provided. The output is protected against over-current and short-circuit conditions. The PW130 complies with all international safety agency and EMI/RFI regulations and incorporates detection collision avoidance. LED indicators are included on the desktop-style design to show, power-on, full power and stand-by.

Markets which will find uses for PoE adapters include, wireless, information technology, networking, communications, medical, industrial and security. With typical applications including IP phones, wireless network access points, PDA charging stations, notebook computer docking stations, mobile phone chargers, HVAC thermostats, security cameras, any device requiring a LAN connection (13W or less), any small Ethernet device powered by a wall transformer, voting machines, lottery/gaming equipment, smart signs/web signs, audio and video jukeboxes, point of sale scanners, credit card readers, RFID tag readers, building access control systems, time and attendance systems, lighting controls, thermostats, smoke detectors,

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