Warm white LEDs

Paul Boughton

Until now, in order to benefit from the power savings and increased lifespan available from LED incandescent lamp replacements, different LEDs had to be ordered for each specific colour, so these new light sources will produce dramatic cost saving and simplify inventory management for panel builders and other designers of electronic display systems.

In addition, the filament replacement lamps are available with 8-48V AC/DC multi-voltage supply range, further reducing and simplifying the number of different lamps required. Direct replacements for all industrial mounting caps and bases are held in stock.

MARL supplies a full range of warm white LEDs covering many sizes and including surface mount, discrete component and filament replacement types. They produce a more pleasing white light, with superior colour rendering and can also be used for illumination and reading.

High output light engines are also available in warm white to replace low voltage dichroic lamps. These provide huge power savings in comparison with traditional tungsten halogen lamps, and the warm white output makes them suitable for all architectural applications, particularly display and office lighting.

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