Polymer lubricated solder paste squeegees

Paul Boughton

Intertronics’ Permalex squeegees are infused with polymer lubricant which significantly reduces friction and stencil wear when using silver and tin solder alloys in all kinds of stencil printer.

These pastes are both more abrasive than the outgoing leaded solder paste, so Permalex squeegees are a long-lived solution which can eliminate the sticking typically seen with standard metal squeegees and greatly improve the quality of their stencil printing process.

Permalex metal squeegees feature a unique base alloy with a multi-step metallurgical bonding process which results in a smooth, hard, low friction edge designed to prevent stencil wear. This eliminates scavenging and improves solder paste deposition, while reducing stencil pulling and stretching, thus improving pad registration and stencil life.

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