16-bit flash microcontrollers

Paul Boughton

Dedicated distributor, Sunrise Electronics has just announced a new line of 16-bit flash microcontrollers from NEC Electronics that offers power performance of 1.8 mW per MIPS - about twice the power performance of other leading 16-bit microcontrollers.

In recent years, consumer electronics, household appliances and industrial systems traditionally covered by 8-bit microcontrollers have grown increasingly sophisticated, requiring higher performance levels. NEC Electronics developed the 16-bit 78K0R series to address this market while recognizing manufacturers' primary concerns of power consumption and price.

The 78K0R series consists of 30 devices in pin counts ranging from 64 to 100 pins, and memory configurations from 64KB up to 256KB Flash. 78K0R devices, based on NEC Electronics' 0.15 micron process technology with embedded flash memory using SuperFlash technology by Silicon Storage Technology Inc.

Features such as 3-stage pipeline processing enable high speed processing and support performance up to 13 MIPS, while voltage control circuits and other CPU features help suppress power consumption levels to approximately half that of comparable 16-bit microcontrollers. With these new devices, customers can develop more complex systems with advanced functions, while still meeting rigorous power consumption requirements.

The 78K0R series also features reset functions, voltage detection circuits, oscillators, calendar timers, and EMI noise reduction. The products are pin compatible with NEC Electronics' existing 78K0 series of 8-bit microcontrollers, providing existing customers with a smooth migration path. The software for the 16-bit series is also compatible with the company's previous 8-bit series, enabling customers to reuse existing resources and further improve development efficiency.

Sunrise Electronics also provides an array of tools to support efficient development of NEC Electronics' microcontrollers, including the devices in the new 16-bit series. They include on-chip debuggers, the MINICUBE series of flash programmers, and Applilet program. NEC Electronics also offers its own flash programming services as well as services through multiple third party vendors to further accelerate the development of All Flash products.

For more information, visit www.sunrise.co.uk