400 A current measurement converter

Paul Boughton

Current measurement technology from Phoenix Contact has been expanded to include a new product, capable of processing currents up to 400 A.

These new current measurement converters convert sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal currents from 30 Hz to 6 KHz into the analogue standard signals 4–20 mAor 0–5(10)V. The MCR-SL-S-100(200)(400)-U-(I)-(LP) measurement converters can be installed at any time and with no interruption to the power supply due to a re-cabling principle that allows for easy retrofitting. Every module features a switch for selecting the measuring range.

Two different variants (voltage and current output) enable a wide range of applications to be realised. The voltage output devices are electrically isolated between input, output and power supply (24 VDC). The current output devices are isolated between input and output and obtain their power supply from the output loop.

The 400 A current measurement converter expands the previous measurement ranges of existing Phoenix Contact modules from 55 A to 400 A, extending the applications where higher current measurements in energy distribution circuits, motor current monitoring, and any type of measuring and converting currents are needed.

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