Self-contained through-beam angle sensors

Paul Boughton

Balluff has added to its line of versatile L-shaped BWL through-beam sensors. Balluff now offers three heavy-duty BWL model sizes and five new standard duty BWL model sizes.

The heavy-duty models feature a rugged corrosion resistant steel housing that can resist multiple impacts without loss of function. These sensors also feature a high- powered infrared light source that will cut through heavy contamination. This combination makes these sensors ideal for harsh-duty applications.

The new standard duty BWL sensor series features an anodised aluminum housing with a selection of visible red light or Class II laser. Visible red emission models feature detection resolution down to 0.5 mm, while the Class II laser versions boast resolution down to 0.1 mm throughout their beam. The laser versions are ideal for detection of extremely small parts.

Balluff BWL one-piece plug and play sensors feature pre-aligned optics to allow fast, accurate installation without the need for special brackets or complex beam alignment procedures. BWL sensors are always in alignment, so they are easy to install; plus, they are accurate over the entire length of the beam, which means they can detect minute deviations over the entire product being sensed.

BWL sensors can detect virtually any target regardless of colour, shape, or reflectivity with high repeatability year after year.

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