Hermetically sealed force transducer

Paul Boughton

HBM's C9B compact force transducer measures static and dynamic compressive forces from 50N to 50kN, thereby ensuring that users can select the most suitable model for diverse applications such as pharmaceutical or welding applications, press-fit processes or quality assurance on production lines.

Available in 10 models covering different ranges, the C9B force transducer gives highly reliable measurements. The design of the C9B features high overload stability, especially in the lower measuring ranges, to protect the transducer from overloads that possibly might occur during mounting.

Made completely from stainless steel, the robust C9B is hermetically welded and comes with a test report including individual specifications.

The compact design of the C9B makes it particularly suitable for use as a calibration transducer in tablet presses or on spot-welding machines. If the C9B is combined with HBM's MP85 dual-channel amplifier system, it can be used for distributed fitting monitoring including direct OK/NOK evaluation of the production process in press-fit systems.

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