Custody-transfer natural gas flowmeter

Paul Boughton

The Sentinel, part of the Panametrics product line brought to market by GE Sensing, has now better accuracy.

The instrument is a high-accuracy, multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter specifically geared to the fiscal custody-transfer of natural gas even at non-ideal conditions when dealing with liquid carry over and built up.

The Sentinel can be used for such typical natural gas applications as transmission, distribution and storage, or for any measurement point where high accuracy is needed.

Sentinel is available in pipe sizes ranging from 4 to 24 inches and meets AGA9 criteria. The system uses a two- diametrical-path, single-traverse meter body design with a 10 diameter upstream pipe run and a flow conditioning plate. This configuration provides sufficient flow conditioning to handle any upstream flow disturbance and provides a well-known flow profile at the meter body.

Advanced Panametrics ultrasonic transducer technology, combined with signal processing optimized for speed and robustness, give the system the capability to operate even in air at atmospheric pressure-important for field verification of the meter system during commissioning.

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