Novel heat-dissipation technology for pump

Paul Boughton

Designed to handle a wide variety of chemicals and low-pH process fluidsthe Wilden Typhoon plastic mag-drive pumps from Axflow are available from 0.75kW (1HP) through to 3.75kW (5HP).

Most importantlythey do this without the mechanical seals used in typical centrifugal pumpsthereby reducing the risk of leakage.

The Typhoon pump comes as standard with the latest heat-dissipation technology in the form of a patented fluid flow path around the bushing. This additional path allows the process fluid to cool the bushing of the impeller from the outsidewhile continuing to offer the internal spiral cooling channel offered on most magnetic-drive centrifugal pumps. Pump designers report say feature prevents the heat build-up that can damage or disable the shaft bushing.

Other features include a patented buffer system that absorbs vibrations and shock that can result from adverse operating conditions. 

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