New challenges for hydrocarbon extraction from more demanding waters

The global demand for extraction of hydrocarbons from more demanding waters means contractors and operators face even more challenging issues

Three contracts for LNG tanks projects

Require high quality welding, all of which is done on site, plate by plate

Global natural gas consumption regains momentum

Rise in global consumption indicates renewed popularity of natural gas as an energy resource

Refineries in Europe face further turmoil

Roughly 40 per cent require refurbishment in order to continue refining profitably

Coating advances corrosion protection

An enhanced two layer corrosion protection process has been developed by AUMA actuators

Reducing contamination in the bearing environment

Ads end-users of rotating equipment seek to extend the life of these applications, increasing emphasis is being placed on reducing contamination in the bearing environment

Stainless steel for onshore and offshore projects

Butting is one of the leading processors of stainless steel. Its services include: corrosion resistant pipes; clad pipes; special pipes and machined pipes; components and pipes ready for installation; vessels, tanks and columns; fittings

Leak-free high pressure piping systems

Esa Ranne looks at the benefits of non-welded connection technology to deliver leak-free piping systems

Increased demands for HIPPS final elements

Rens Wolters describes the impact of the new IEC 61508 Edition 2010 on final elements and HIPPS

Explosion proof actuation

Stefan Kolbe looks at the latest in actuation solutions

Reduce the time and cost of developing hydraulic systems

Thomas Ruediger and Frank Wiele look at a solution designed to save on installation, maintenance and operating expenses of hydraulic systems

Gas company manages valve noise with clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology

A key factor in the proper functioning and continued profitability of the natural gas industry is the ability to make precise measurements throughout the entire process of gas recovery. James Doorhy reports

Plasma systems save time and money in pipeline construction

Paula Flanders looks at how plasma technology is being used on the Ruby Pipeline project in the US

Pumping solutions for extreme conditions

The oil and gas industry needs pumping solutions that can handle hazardous and extreme conditions, without causing process upsets or requiring extensive maintenance


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