Easier mating-thread alignment

PEM fasteners with 'float' capability enable easier mating-thread alignment

Hermetically sealed connectors you can always rely on

Hermetic sealing is crucial in preventing gas leakage in numerous operating environments and applications, especially those exposed to vacuums and high pressures. Christophe Boillat reports

The invisible tape

Christina Barg-Becker reports on an adhesive innovation for fixing cells within crystalline solar modules

Video: Tightly sealed energy tubes

Integral sealing design ensures tubes can be submerged in water or any other substances

Titanium Nitride coated taps

Dormer Tools has further expanded its high performance, multi-application threading programme

Fasteners enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws

Aluminium fasteners can be specified to attach super-thin membranes to very thin cosmetic substrates


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Your Career


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