Vibration testing

LDS V875 shaker has been specially designed for vibration testing within research and development areas, product qualification, stress screening and reliability test

Radiation hardened multiplexers

Next-generation ISL71840SEH multiplexer for space flight data acquisition systems

Evaluating structural integrity

Solutions to specifically assess the condition of rotating and reciprocating low-speed bearings (LSB) for high value capital plant and machinery

Piezoelectric materials suit high-temperature operation

Suitable for both vibration and pressure sensing for applications in process and plant control, power generation, automotive and aerospace

Graphene: unlocking the solar potential

Paul Boughton looks at a project to explore the potential of the ‘wonder material’ graphene in the development of photovoltaic cells

Waxing lyrical

To outsource or not to outsource wax pattern and runner manufacture - that is the question, says Robert Park

3D printing isn’t rocket science … or is it?

Rocket manufacturer United Launch Alliance will 3D print flight-ready rocket components

Pressure switch keeps crop dusters spraying

Pressure switch can accurately work down to a few millibars but be durable enough to perform in the hostile conditions

Cutting weight of aircraft parts

Egmond Plastic's Fusible-Core Technology and a VICTREX PEEK polymer solution result in up to 50% weight reductions

Exploring the future of engineering

Topics being discussed include the Rosetta Space Mission and how lighter cars are able to produce less CO2 emissions

Are we ready for a cableless future?

Darren Halford discusses the role of the humble cable in today's industrial applications

Rugged multiwheel rotary encoder

Applications include medical equipment, test and measurement instrumentation for outdoor environments, aviation, transport

Custom OEM inclination, acceleration and vibration sensors

For a variety of industry sectors such as rail, military, aerospace and defence, automotive, agricultural machinery, access platforms and off-highway vehicles

Vibration measurement

Lockheed Martin Space Systems boosts aerospace test abilities

Innovation in benzoxazine resins

New investment programme for benzoxazine resins research and manufacturing

High-performance solutions for aerospace designs

Composite materials for greater strength and weight reduction in interior aerospace designs

Multi-million pound investment in technology innovation

As global markets increasingly turn to high-performance polymers, Victrex plans new world-class Polymer Innovation Centre


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