Redesigned ball bearings deliver improved performances

Schaeffler is launching the Generation C FAG deep-groove ball bearings that offer 35 per cent less friction and 50 per cent less noise

Motor bearings benefit form lower friction

Schaeffler's Generation C ball bearings for electric motors have 35 per cent less friction, which helps to achieve higher motor efficiency

Precision non-ball lead screws and custom nuts

Kerk lead screws can be designed to self-lock and prevent back driving, unlike traditional ball screws

Magnetic clutches provide non-contact power transmission

Misumi is introducing non-contact, low-wear, TM magnetic clutches for applications where particle generation must be minimised

Electric cylinder is compact and versatile

SMAC's new CAL36 high-performance and cost-effective electric cylinder provides users with independent control of position, speed and force

Chains suit food and beverage applications

New Flexon Flat Top chains and Modular Belts from Iwis are aimed primarily at conveying applications in the food and beverage packaging industries

Planetary gearheads boast high capacity and quiet operation

Thomson's new Xtrue planetary gearheads are offered in a wide range of sizes, torque capacities and reduction ratios, all offering high performance and low noise

Ball bearings: cut friction by up to 65 per cent

Designed specifically for use in hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, NSK's low-friction ball bearings reduce frictional losses by 50 to 65 per cent

Heavy-duty slide carries cantilevered loads with ease

Techno's improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2 handles heavier cantilevered loads and offers the additional benefit of longer travel with shorter overall lengths

Electric actuators are an alternative to pneumatics

Festo's new family of high-performance electric linear actuators benefit from linear motor and air bearing technologies

Jacking system helps salmon up river

Raises and lowers the complete 'salmon ladder' so that the water velocity can be adjusted for river conditions

Magnets offer alternative to mechanical gears

Magnetic components are the norm in electric motors and non-contact drive couplings, but new developments could see magnets taking the place of mechanical gears in power transmission systems

PTFE bearing materials last longer

New formulations of FDA-compliant PTFE-based bearing materials from Quadrant are claimed to offer better wear performance than competitive grades

Soft actuators tackle hard jobs in adverse work environments

Air actuators shake off contamination that makes quick work of traditional cylinders. Bernd Stöter reports

Condition monitoring units provide sensing solution

Martin Cuthbert reviews a recently launched series of intelligent, industrial, hydraulic sensors. These user-friendly units combine sensing technology for flow and temperature and a built-in display as well as analogue signal output and optional switches

Spherical roller bearings offer a high load

Spherical roller bearings double the service life and increase operating speed envelope by 20 per cent compared with competitor bearings

Hydraulic Calculator 2.0 PC software saves design time

Hydraulic Calculator 2.0 PC is a software utility for performing the calculations necessary when designing hydraulic circuits with cylinders, pumps and motors


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