Active magnetic bearings prove attractive for demanding application

Active magnetic bearings have been available for decades, yet demand from design engineers for higher performance and reduced energy consumption is giving rise to heightened interest in these systems. Jon Severn reports on some of the latest developments and applications

Cable with up to 30 per cent smaller bending radii

Has an abrasion-proof and bend-resistant, halogen-free, oil and bio-oil-resistant TPE outer jacket

MABEL is now the world’s fastest two-legged robot with knees

Few robots can run, and the researchers say no machine but MABEL can do it with such a human-like gait

Going straight with linear range

Bearings operate on sliding plain bearings making a larger surface area available

Test rig for axlebox bearings simulates speeds of up to 500km per hour

Independent testing in accordance with the requirements of the latest European Standard DIN EN 12082

Linear actuator range is adaptable and flexible

Based on extruded profile housing with T-slots, multi-axis actuator mounting, optional limit switches and customer fixtures

Accurate cage selection

Cages are key to reliable, long term bearing operation, says Gary Hughes

VIDEO: Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence

Plain bearing element absorbs shear forces and shock loads; rolling bearing element offers quiet, smooth gliding motions

New ball bearing materials for better wear resistance

Lubricant and maintenance-free, xiros polymer ball bearings can endure temperatures of up to 150degC

New open or closed washdown versions of helical bevel gear units

NORD's new two-stage helical bevel gear units can be easily cleaned in any installation position



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