GSM/GPRS based device for remote monitoring and control, alarm management and data logging

Anybus RemoteCom is an easy-to-use web gateway and it acts as a Modbus bridge and gives remote access and control of serial devices

Making the most of process automation knowledge

As the process automation environment becomes increasingly complex, capturing and contextualising both the explicit and implicit knowledge embedded in it is a major challenge. Sean Ottewell reports on one novel solution that is already reaping rewards for its users

Card reader modules

Providing an operator with information and receiving operator feedback is central to many industrial processes

A guide to selecting the most appropriate pump technology

As pump versatility increases, making the right choice for your process can be challenging. Using the knowledge and expertise of pump manufacturers can overcome this, says Steve Digby

Wireless communication ensures interoperability for plant operations

Having its wireless communications hardware validated by one of the leading mobile companies has opened up new opportunities for a leading supplier of technology and software solutions to the process industries

Long-life, robust flash disks for panel PCs in hazardous areas

Open HMIs with Solid State flash disks ensure a high degree of data integrity and system stability even in case of power failures

Dual fuel combustion system reduces NOx emissions

GE Technology upgrade to reduce emissions and improve efficiency at UK power station

Opensafety protocol cleared for international standardisation

Following successful tests to 61784-3 FSCP 13, the Opensafety fieldbus-independent protocol has been released for international standardisation

Maintenance becomes less of a grind at flour manufacturer

Client Needs Analyses were conducted during discussions between key managers and engineers

Steam trap contract helps reduce carbon emissions

Steam trap survey, which saved enough energy and treated water to pay for itself

Aluminium processors continue to invest

Investment continues in new aluminium production plants, while a new process could reduce energy bills

PAC-based batch control eliminates need for PCs on plant floor

The control solution addresses the programming, integration and security issues of using PC-based batch control solutions

Chains: the umbilical of modern machinery

E-Chains are designed to accommodate cables and hoses in many different types of applications

Ensuring your plant design is not an incident waiting to happen

Many recent safety incidents can be attributed to poor plant design, these incidents could have been avoided if fundamental design errors had been spotted

Clean steel surfaces with go-anywhere’ crawler

Magnetic Crawler M250 designed to remove coatings, rust and scale in a variety of positions

Miniature data logger stores more than 1 billion samples

Highly flexible with added analogue inputs; for temperature, humidity, pressure, light and acceleration

Digital flow computer custody and process applications

KROHNE Summit 8800's automatic performance monitoring increases accuracy and reduces recalibrations


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