Software simplifies preparation of factory layouts

CAD Schroer Group is launching MPDS4 Factory Layout with Mechanical Handling, a new software package for preparing 3D factory layouts from 2D data

Electrostatic hazards in bulk solids material handling

Excessive charging of the powder leads to loss of powder due to deposition during transport and the flow of powders. Dr Tong Deng reports

Incorporation of nanoparticles in the formulation of new products

Incorporation of nanoparticles into the formulation of high tech and everyday products is becoming increasingly prevalent with an expected exponential growth as new sectors adopt this technology. Dr Gul Ozcan-Taskin reports

Emergency lowering device for hoists

Becomes operable in the event of a severe reduction or total loss of mains air pressure

Pumps rise to challenge of corrosive materials

Advanced hardware and software are enabling modern pumps to tackle highly corrosive materials, yet require minimum maintenance. Sean Ottewell reports

Bulk bag conditioner loosens solidified materials

Suited for bulk bags containing hygroscopic chemicals, certain spice blends, heat-sensitive products

Solutions for control, supervision and economical maintenance

Control, supervision and economical maintenance specifically geared to particular requirements

Rail-based assembly line with integrated lifting platforms

Features especially smoothly and quietly running rollers made of ball bearing steel

Adhesive for cold bonding in conveyor technology

ContiTech launches innovative adhesive; increased reliability and safety thanks to new one-component technology

Chain bucket elevators designed for continuous operation

Elevators and trough chain conveyors heading for the Russian fertiliser industry

Dry powder particle sizing

Mastersizer 3000 deals equally efficiently with materials ranging from pigments to milk powder and coffee

Bagging weigher for seeds

Installed to work with a bag placer and stitching system to feed filled bags into robot palletiser

Automation for materials testing machines

Control and monitoring of external parameters of the sample as part of the materials test

Mobile bulk bag discharger

Allows discharging of bulk bags, manual dumping of sacks and conveying of material, dust-free

VIDEO: Yellow to orange natural colouring

Educational video aim at food product designers to understand key factors influencing the selection of yellow to orange colouring

New crane technology saves money and environment

Maria Hellsten looks at the latest in crane technology

New applications for positive displacement pumps

The process industry is finding uses for positive displacement pumps that are very different from traditional applications. Eugene McCarthy reports


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