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Platform Grace is located in the Santa Barbara Channel in 318 feet of water.

Venoco’s Texas Hastings field.

Onshore Carolina: The Beverly Hills West field

Sacramento Basin

Denver office

Venoco Inc

Venoco is concerned about the environment. We operate in areas with extensive environmental
regulations such as in and around the Santa Barbara Channel as well as in prime agricultural areas such as the Sacramento Basin.

What you can expect from Venoco is a challenging and rewarding work experience.

  • At Venoco, we believe communication is key. Employees are most effective in their positions if they know the "big picture". Information about company standing, projects, visions, financials, etc. is regularly communicated to employees at all levels. Venoco’s open door policy gives employees access to all levels of management at all times to answer questions, resolve issues, or hear new ideas about how to make Venoco even more successful.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are keywords at Venoco. We hire people who want to take ownership in the company, embrace the opportunities changes bring, and share a vision of success. We are proud to have the talent of a big company, while still maintaining the agility of an independent. Our entrepreneurial spirit rewards those who develop possibilities into realities.
  • Our Commitment to the community is more than just maintaining safe and effective operations. We are proud to have employees representing Venoco throughout the community at fundraising events, volunteer opportunities and through board memberships for non-profit groups. Venoco supports community events and organizations through monetary and in-kind donations as well as volunteerism.
  • Venoco is committed to maintaining a competitive compensation and benefits package. We are continually looking at market rates and benefit opportunities to ensure that our overall package is in line with current trends. In addition, we continuously analyze the needs of our employees to ensure we are using our resources to the fullest extent.
  • We recognize that in order for our employees to be effective in their jobs, it is critical to provide a safe, productive and fun work environment. Our open door policy gives our employees an avenue to address any concerns, and ensures that we are regularly looking at how we can make improvements to our environment.


Venoco is committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer, hiring and rewarding employees based on individual merit, without discrimination. We are also known for being a fun place to work, with unique and creative outside activities and events.

Venoco is comitted to helping the community

We believe in supporting the communities in which we work and prosper. Our employees, have biked hundreds of miles, run marathons, flipped burgers, served wine, baked cookies, worked phones soliciting donations, coached softball teams, set up tents, tested pies, given hard-earned money, represented "at-risk" kids in court, granted last wishes, made and delivered bouquets to the terminally ill, handed out water, and waited tables.

The Venoco Community Partnership is comprised of 12 Venoco employees who meet monthly to review requests.


Our employees' commitment to personal and professional success make us stand out.

Venoco recognizes that good people are the strongest of assets. We offer an excellent employment package, and are highly dedicated to the communities in which we work and live. Part of Venoco's success has been in its ability to choose the best people for the job. It's not always the person with the most education that earns a spot on our team. Sometimes it's real-life experience and sheer talent that shine through. We need people who understand that in a business such as ours, the ability to adjust to rapid change as the key to success.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a valued member of our team, here is a brief overview of what Venoco expects of you. You will be expected to contribute your talents and energies to improve Venoco's operations profitably, grow the value of the company and enhance the work environment. This will be accomplished by knowing your job, cooperating with management and your team to reach company goals. We actively encourage "thinking outside the box", to overcome obstacles and generate innovative solutions that exceed Venoco’s expectations. We strongly believe the key to achieving this is through communication, respect, and teamwork.

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