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Vale employees plant seedlings for a reforestation project

Vale uses heavy moving equipment to transport the ore from the mine to the conveyor belts

Vale's operation centre at Carajas, Para State, Brazil

Loading equipment at Vale's port terminal at Tubarao, Espirito Santo State, Brazil

Vale – Transforming Minerals into Prosperity and Sustainable  Development Every Day

About Vale

Vale is the world's second largest mining company, producing and commercializing iron ore, pellets, nickel, coal, aluminum, copper, kaolin, potassium, steel and manganese.

Created n Brazil, in 1962, Vale operates on five continents through its mining operations, mineral surveying and commercial offices, with a workforce of over 100,000 employees, including outsourced workers in more than 30 countries.

To support its growth and the distribution of its products, Vale has a large logistics system, composed of railroads and ports, which distribute minerals and other products all over the world. Vale already acts in the energy sector - hydroelectric plants and natural gas - for self consumption and to achieve energy efficiency.

Vale's mission - to transform mineral resources into prosperity and sustainable development - guides all of its actions. The company believes that it shares the responsibility to seek sustainable development wherever it operates by responsibly managing the effects of its activities.

Vale is committed to the development of its employees, whose dynamic and persistent spirit contributes to the constant search for the best way to do things.

 Vale in your life

The result of our work can be found in most things from the cars we drive to the mobile phones we rely on to stay connected with one another. Vale helps shape the products that surround us, from household appliances to computer and construction components

 Why Vale?

We are a company that focuses on employee development, career opportunities and a respectful and safe workplace. Vale's Total Reward Philosophy aims to provide employees with a competitive rewards package comprised of compensation, benefits and a work experience that enables us to attract and retain the best talent where we operate. Our cash compensation philosophy is based on a pay-for-performance approach, not time of service, while benefits play an important role on our package, as it is focused on providing a support for the employee and their families

Working for Vale enables you to be part of the success of an ambitious, fast-growing global company. The numerous growth-oriented projects are providing new exciting and challenging career opportunities every day. 

What can you do at Vale?

Our employees guide the company's day-to-day operations, identify and evaluate new opportunities, develop and implement projects, produce ore, metals and energy, transport cargo and are in constant search for new levels of operational excellence. They also establish new contacts; acquire new clients, engage communities and interact with public authorities. Our people make our sustainable development possible.

Vale would be especially interested in your application if you have qualifications / experience as: Geologist, Mining Engineer, Metallurgical Engineer, Environmental Analyst, Railroad Engineer, Railroad Operator, Train Driver, Train Technician, Mining Technician, or Port Technician.

Opportunities at Vale

As a result of organic growth and new projects, Vale has an increasing demand for professionals across diverse disciplines and locations. We realize many recruitments and selections process, besides offering workforce development programs for our businesses. 

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