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At Sulzer Pumps, you can make a difference

A career with Sulzer Pumps, a division of Sulzer Ltd., puts you at the forefront of pump technology and engineering. As a global leader in the development of centrifugal pumps, Sulzer Pumps supplies pumping solutions to selected industries, including oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, pulp and paper, water and power. Sulzer Pumps maintains its leading position by pursuing intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, designing and manufacturing process-oriented products, and applying specialized materials and technology to create new solutions for these industries. Our knowledge, expertise and reliable service stand behind everything we do.

Career Opportunities

Sulzer Pumps recognizes that our people are the key to customer satisfaction and our success. We provide a challenging, rewarding, and diverse environment defined by continuous learning and openness. We are always looking for individuals who can contribute to this environment and grow to fill important roles.

Every journey starts with a single step. Let's take that step together.

Sulzer Pumps offers attractive opportunities for graduates in engineering, science and business administration. With systematic on-the-job training, we help prepare you to take on new challenges and more responsibilities, be it in management, engineering, production, project management or administration.

Programs for Development and Impact (PDI) – Our Strategy for Promoting Junior Staff

Participants in our PDI programs learn by example how to apply new knowledge and skills, and at the same time, make measurable contributions to Sulzer Pumps success through actual work projects. Assisted by internal coaches, participants complete their own projects and study successful projects implemented by experienced senior managers to learn the details behind the Sulzer Pumps way of business. PDI programs also involve leading business school academics and external trainers as guest speakers on specific topics.

“We expect a lot from you. Not only do you need to have an excellent educational background; you also need to show initiative, team spirit, and a will to succeed. In return, you can expect a lot from us. Your continuing personal and professional development is a top priority with us."

Marius Baumgartner, Head of Human Resources, Sulzer Pumps

PDI teams comprise a diverse group of international participants from different divisions. This creates a dynamic environment for the exchange of ideas and opportunities to network with colleagues beyond geographical and divisional boundaries. Learning from experienced managers and real-world business projects, PDI program participants develop skills, acquire practical knowledge, gain confidence in their work and a sense of pride in being part of Sulzer Pumps.


Management Careers

Success is no coincidence at Sulzer Pumps. We systematically plan and support your professional and management career. Our annual Talent Management Process, coupled with personal development and daily encouragement from superiors, helps our employees to explore and meet their full potential.

Sulzer Pumps aims to fill 70 percent of management positions internally. We take a systematic approach to effective succession planning, focused on retaining our employees and their expertise and experience.

Around the world our executive staff and personnel officers consistently focus on recognizing and promoting talent to expand our knowledge base and support our business growth.

Our employment terms include a competitive salary, a very good benefits package, and the professional advantages of a workplace that supports your development and recognizes your achievements.

Employment Conditions

Sulzer Pumps offers a full range of challenging positions in a work environment that emphasizes and values personal and professional growth.

Our employment terms include a competitive salary, a very good benefits package, and the professional advantages of a workplace that supports your development and recognizes your achievements.

We are aware that the needs of our employees can vary widely. Wherever possible, we support flexible working-hour models such as flexitime or part-time work.

Of course, our local employment contracts comply with all the laws and regulations of the individual countries in which we operate. Dialogue and social partnership are a tradition at Sulzer Pumps. Close collaboration with local employee representatives is important to us, and is fostered at our locations around the world.

Core Values guide all we do

At Sulzer Pumps, our core values are the fundamental principles by which we live and work. With a clear focus on our commitment to people, our drive for operational excellence and our dedication to successful customer partnerships, these core values reflect what is truly important to Sulzer Pumps.

They define us and how we behave in our daily business, and they serve as the foundation of our company culture. By working according to our core values, we carry on the unique heritage of Sulzer and continue to grow as a recognized industry leader.

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