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Why is Solarcentury a best company to work for?

The Solarcentury brand is rooted in environmental and social imperatives reflected on a daily basis within the company. Together, this helps us to achieve our mission to be the number one global brand in construction-integrated solar solutions by 2010.

This mission is lead by our CEO and champion of green issues, Jeremy Leggett, regularly inspiring audiences, readers and viewers across the world to think about the consequences of the world's dependence on fossil fuels. Despite demand for his time outside of the office, he more often than not working with the team in London, driving the mission, offering practical advice and getting stuck in to day to day challenges. Supported by an experienced and diverse management team, the company has a core confidence in its leaders.

Here at Solarcentury there is a real sense of unity, in positive solutions and the belief that we can innovate to make a difference. Our recent rapid growth in turnover, investment, reputation, manpower, and expansion in to Europe has spurred further confidence that the team can achieve its mission.

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Solarcentury staff are employed based on their skills, combined with a belief in the mission and their ability to deliver change; from that point they are encouraged to be themselves, positive, courageous and lead by example. The company is aware that the mission is ambitious. So in order to get the best from staff the team is given flexibility and encouraged to work in areas of ability and confidence.


With no formal dress code and flexible working hours, the core commitment is to not let your team down.  This freedom instils a sense of respect and fairness across the company.


Furthermore, we make sure we walk our talk. In 2006, Solarcentury founded and pledged 5% of company profits to solar energy charity ‘SolarAid'. In addition many team members volunteer for the charity, offering a way to work towards the clean energy vision and alleviate poverty in the developing world. Since it's establishment, the charity has received unprecedented support from across the globe, proving a great source of pride in addition to our mission.

Above all, staff from the board room to office support are committed to our working principles of products; profitability; people; environment; social; participation; accountability; partnership; citizenship and passion. Staff know that the mission can only be achieved with motivation and a commitment to work to the best of abilities. Solarcentury is a best company to work for because it is truly committed to its mission and has a desire to lead us with courage, and by positive example, into a low carbon world.