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About us

As the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company, we're committed to enhancing the quality of people's lives, everywhere, every day.

By delivering on this commitment we're able to create long-term sustainable value for our customers and consumers, for our communities and for our shareholders.

That's why enhancing lives shapes everything we do.

We strive to make our brands tastier and healthier choices that help consumers care for themselves and their families. And we expect everyone who works here to share our sense of responsibility for the lives we influence and improve


Why join NESTLE?

Fascinating and challenging career opportunities demand clear aspirations and a mindset for a cross-cultural career. You need to be enthusiastic and enjoy challenges, interested in leading projects and working with people, have strong communication skills and be excited by the future.


Career opportunities

Typical Opportunities for experienced Engineers within NESTLE include:

Mechanical Engineering, manufacturing, TPM, Quality, food technology/science, packaging, packing & filling lines, Continuous Improvement/Excellence (including specialists in: F.I, P.M and A.M pillars), Chemical engineering, Process Engineering, Coffee Experts, Operational Productivity improvement, SHE (safety, Health, Environment), and plenty others ...


Nestlé believes in long-term career development and understands that people need challenges and motivation to grow and reach their potential. We expect you to be dynamic, pragmatic, a team player, a person of integrity, and a high achiever. These are the qualities which are the basis of strong management, financial discipline and social responsibility for our company.

Where you could fit in Nestle

Nestlé Product Technology Centres (PTC)

Development work in the PTC provides technical know-how for products, manufacturing processes and packaging innovation for all sectors in which Nestlé is involved. It is a complex task that mainly consists of translating scientific ideas and findings into new processes and products. This worldwide network plays a vital role in fuelling Nestlé's growth and long-term success. Each PTC is aligned with particular Nestlé businesses providing expertise for specific product categories, and together forming a hub for global product and process development. For instance in Switzerland, we provide worldwide technological know-how on coffee, beverages, cereals, dairy and nutritional products.


Nestlé Application Groups

These groups are located in Nestlé factories ensuring that products comply with local taste preferences.

They also work closely with the PTCs to test scientific applications as close to the end consumer as possible.

Application Groups are an excellent entry point to start your career at Nestlé as you will learn about product categories from petcare with Purina, coffee with Nespresso or Nescafé, water with Vittel or SanPellegrino, to chocolate with KitKat.


Performance Acceleration Team

With a minimum of five years of experience, you will join a special team of 50+ members with various technical and academic backgrounds from different nationalities. It is basically an internal consultancy group. Its members work internationally on assignments directly with Nestlé's operating companies. Their aim is to improve operational productivity by focusing on factory-related activities and by sharing Best Practices. You will have the opportunity to develop your leadership and technical skills while working on projects from creation to implementation.


Operations Strategies Unit

This unit is responsible for high impact projects in Industrial Strategies, Competitive Analysis and Complexity Optimisation for various product groups and technologies, examining a wide range of issues at market, regional and global level. The key elements of these projects are financial analysis and simulation, business and operations performance assessment, make/buy decisions as well as new technology deployment evaluation. The primary audience of the Operation Strategies studies are top management in markets, Zones and Strategic Business Units.


Research & Development

What is there in food that makes it so good? How is it manufactured? Do some good traditions have strong scientific grounds? Where can you find a motivating international working climate amongst a wide R&D network?

How do you get to interact with scientists and engineers at all levels, from many different backgrounds, who share your ambitions? Where can you make breakthroughs and impact the world's nutrition, health and wellness.



Nestlé Research Center (NRC) located near Lausanne, Switzerland is one of the leading research laboratories in food and nutritional sciences. With 700 members of staff from 50 nations, NRC has a strong position in the international scientific community. NRC has an excellent reputation in food and nutrition research that has benefited consumers for over a century. By bringing together its knowledge in Nutrition and Health, Food Science, Food/Consumer Interaction, Food Quality and Safety, Nestlé opens the way to develop Good Food and Good Life to offer tasty foods that offer health as well as pleasure for our consumers. In this global and multicultural environment, Nestlé aims to work with the best scientists in the world at MSc and PhD level.