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One of Bapco’s state-of-the-art refinery control rooms

Quality is key at Bapco’s ISO 9002-certified and award-winning refinery laborator

At Bapco’s Refinery Gas Desulphurisation plant, commissioned in early 2009

Advanced techniques aid the exploration for new oil and gas reserves

Bapco’s Low Sulphur Diesel complex commissioned in 2007 has allowed expansion into the European and US markets


The Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C

BAPCO, wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, is engaged in the oil industry including exploration and prospecting for oil, drilling, production, refining, distribution of petroleum products and natural gas, sales and exports of crude oil and refined products.

The company owns a 260,000 barrel-a-day refinery, storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal, and a marine terminal for its petroleum products. Ninety-five per cent of refined products are exports.

BAPCO’s prime customers for crude oil and refined products are based in the Middle East, India, the Far East, South East Asia and Africa, and production of low-sulphur diesel which started in 2007 allows expansion in the European and US markets.


Training and Development:
BAPCO is pressing ahead with its ambitious human resource management programme to ensure that the skills of its workforce match the technological and business demands of this new millennium. In addition, its scholarship and sponsorship programmes support more than 300 students in higher education in Bahrain and abroad.

Exploration and Development:
BAPCO carries out extensive studies on a continuous basis to explore - with the use of advanced techniques and methods - new oil and gas reserves and obtain more accurate data on the existing reserves.
Drilling and Production:
To maintain production from Bahrain Field at the optimum levels, advanced drilling techniques are applied to new wells, as well as working over the existing wells. As a result of increased demand by the growing industrial base in Bahrain, BAPCO has expanded its gas facilities and increased its natural gas production capacity.
The Bahrain Refinery - one of the largest in the Middle East and the oldest in the GCC - refines over 260,000 barrels of crude every day. About one-sixth of this crude originates from Bahrain Field; the remainder is pumped from Saudi Arabia in a pipeline extending 27 kilometres over land and a further 27 kilometres under the sea before reaching the north-west coastline of Bahrain.
There are more than 170 storage tanks at different sites with a total capacity of over 14 million barrels.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Naphtha, Gasoline, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Heavy Lube Distillate, Fuel Oil and Asphalt.
BAPCO exports crude oil to world markets and sells petroleum products locally and internationally. It also supplies and sells aviation fuel at the Bahrain International Airport through its affiliate, The Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company (BAFCO), in which the company is a 60% shareholder. The company also provides the full requirements of natural gas to the power generating plants and other industries in the country.



Environment, Health and Safety:
Protection of the environment continues to be a major focus of the company’s policy.
In line with best practice, BAPCO has created an EHS policy that integrates the functions of Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environment.

A founder member of the Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RESCO), the company remains at the forefront of technical expertise in oil spill response. BAPCO’s efforts on the environmental front were recognised in early 2009 with the award of ISO 14001 certification. A clearly set-out policy, a range of protective clothing and equipment, full training and strict monitoring form BAPCO’s ongoing commitment to the prevention and control of accidents and emergencies.

The company has worked up to 12 million employee-hours without a lost-time accident, and is the winner of several international EHS awards.

Strategic Direction:

Purpose: to collaborate and engage in all aspects of the petroleum and related industries, with the aim of maximizing contribution to the national economy.
Mission: to manage and operate an integrated oil and gas business, supplying crude oil, petroleum products and gas to the international and local markets, to create value for our shareholders,customers and employees.
Vision: striving for excellence.
Values: business-like, respect, teamwork, integrity, innovation, and personal accountability.

At BAPCO our work environment is characterised by cutting-edge technology, constant innovation, and teamwork - consequently our people are critical components in our success.


BAPCO is a world-class organisation, striving for excellence in what has become a highly competitive global arena. We face the continuing challenges of maximising our onshore oil and gas production, pursuing offshore oil exploration opportunities, refining crude oil into more valuable products, and meeting our customer needs for environmentally friendly solutions.

At BAPCO our work environment is characterised by cutting-edge technology, constant innovation, and teamwork – consequently our people are critical components in our success. With the future in mind, BAPCO two-pronged approach to adding enthusiastic and skilled people to our team consists of securing talented young Bahrainis to join our scholarships programme and on successful graduation to work at BAPCO, as well as attracting experienced and qualified professionals, both local and international.



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