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AMEC Engineers at work

Enbridge, Houston, Texas

Sabic, Wilton, UK

Carmen de Andacollo Hypogene project in Chile

Conoco Phillips Bayu platforms at sunset

A world of opportunity

AMEC is a strong, global FTSE 100 company.  We work across a diverse range of sectors . Our performance is considered by the market to be in the top quartile.  And you can develop worldwide due to our truly global footprint.

We are a leading consultancy, engineering and project management services company with a rich history of delivering profitable, safe and sustainable projects in oil and gas, mining, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.  By joining more than 29,000 other AMEC employees, you will be actively embedded in our history of undertaking boundary pushing challenges that really set us apart from our competitors.

We design, deliver and maintain strategic assets for our customers, with services ranging from front end design to decommissioning.  

So, why AMEC?

There is a world of opportunities.  Imagine working on complex global projects, safely and sustainably.  Imagine being challenged to develop your skills and experience, growing with AMEC through a varied and exciting career. Imagine working for clients who are themselves world leaders in their chosen markets.

We make sure there is excellence in everything we do.  Ask anyone in AMEC.  We employ some of the world’s best people and task our managers with inspiring and developing the next generation of employees. 

Excelling is hard work – it means continually asking ourselves whether we can do even better.  But that’s how we do things in AMEC.

It is an inclusive work environment.  Fairness, support in development, safe work environment – that’s AMEC.  AMEC is where people look out for each other, are respected and are recognised. Our culture is a culture of high achievers where employees are loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Where people feel they belong.

Where will a career with AMEC take me?

AMEC strives to nurture and retain top talent.  We take personal and professional development seriously.  Consider the road to leadership, developing technically to be the best in your field and journeying from graduate engineer to chief.  Look at the route to management, controlling the engineering function or leading engineers on a project.  Or use your experience to diversify into a role in planning, project services or procurement.  

We want our people to be mobile.  AMEC works in more than 40 countries and we have paths for ambitious people who want to consider careers overseas. Our growing operations in the Middle East and Far East will provide you with the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting and technologically advanced projects in the world.

We are looking for graduates, mid-career engineers and people from outside the oil and gas industry to join AMEC.


Our engineers are the best: join them

At AMEC, we deliver excellence through our greatest asset, our people.  AMEC’s award winning experts design, engineer, project manage and maintain strategic and complex assets for our customers across a range of sectors.

·       AMEC’s mono-column development group were recently awarded AMEC’s Excellence in Engineering Award.

·       Keith Neish, a senior mechanical engineer with AMEC, received the Oil & Gas UK Award for Overall Excellence. The award is given to an individual who demonstrates creative flair and ingenuity, leadership potential and commitment to the long-term future of the upstream oil and gas industry.

·       Paul Renwick was highly commended in AMEC’s Engineering Excellence Awards for exceptional work in technical safety engineering and in particular his development of a key project decision-making tool.


Share our core values

Our values are not optional extras, nor are they a distraction from our real jobs.  They are vital in securing and keeping trust, creating a respected, sustainable, profitable company with strong relationships – for the long-term.

Sustainably delivering excellence to our customers

  • Exceeding the expectations of our clients and others we work with
  • Thinking sustainably, for the long term
  • Passionate about success

 Believing in people

  • Investing in training and development
  • Promoting teamwork and the sharing of knowledge and best practice
  • Recognising the power of diversity

Never compromising on safety

  • Protecting and supporting employees and any one working with us or affected by our activities
  • Committed to continuous improvement

Acting with integrity

  • Being reliable, trustworthy and fair in all we do
  • Showing respect
  • Committed to delivering on our promises

So, are you ready?  If you stick with AMEC, we can make it happen for you.  Let’s shape the future – together.  

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