A suitable solution ... brushless motors

Stefan Roschi presents a protective suit that relies on brushless motors

Materials? The choice is yours

Materials are important for driving innovation and in gaining a competitive edge in an increasingly global economy. Here, Achuth Rao on the importance of materials selection

On Tour with the A380

Birgit Schulze reveals how high-quality piezo elements are used as sound transducers in aeroplane doors

New solution for connection monitoring

The new CT-LMFB is used for monitoring purposes and indicates whether the connector is fully connected

New eddy current measurement system

Designed for extremely high precision measurement of displacement, distance, position, oscillation and vibration

Ensuring reliability of assemblies

Phil Kinner presents some new developments in conformal coatings for the most demanding environments

Springs across the world

Humble spring is possibly one of the oldest components in a piece of machinery

Simulation showcase

Engineering Simulation Show 2016 takes place on April 7th

High-performance electric vehicle

Louise Smyth reports on the new EV concept that’s setting out to disrupt automotive design forever

Automotive motors: something in the air

Exploring the advantages and applications of piston air motors in the automotive sector

From virtual to reality

Simon Ordish reveals how digital prototyping is taking manufacturers on a fast track to the future

Intelligent solutions for lightweight vehicles

Antje Lewe discusses how modern materials benefit automotive design in a variety of ways

Chain reaction

Greg Sharp reveals how constant development keeps chain at the forefront of technology

New range of gearmotors introduced

Range includes parallel shaft helical gearboxes, foot and flange mounted inline helical gearboxes, bevel helical gearboxes and special gearboxes for hoisting applications

Decentralised control intelligence

OEMs can reduce their delivery times through modularising their concepts

Laser sensor delivers results

Chris Jones explains how a non-contact laser sensor provides 10 times higher measurement repeatability in wax distortion tests

Fastening expert launches strongest product yet

Has wide grip range to accommodate large variations in joint thickness, and 360° internal locking technology,

Certification: designed to comply

Rob Phillips argues that instead of regarding the issue of compliance as an irritating afterthought, we should instead consider it as an opportunity at the design stage

Lift drive with timing belt for the rack feeders of the future

Natural rubber from dandelion roots for mounting elements protects the environment

Multi-core power for explosion-protected HMIs

Panel PCs for zone 1 now equipped with fast, efficient Bay Trail processors



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